Social Programme

Early Bird Reception

Date: Tuesday, May 8, 19.00
Place: Faculty of Economics




Welcome Reception

Date: Wednesday, May 9, 19.30
Place: The remarkable Ljubljana Castle
Meeting point: A student of the Faculty of Economics of the Ljubljana University wearing a red T-shirt and conference badge will meet you at a conference hotel reception desk to accompany you to the castle funicular.


About the Castle:
Ljubljana Castle has a rich past. Since its early period, the Castle has served a number of purposes – from a residence, a military outpost, fort, countryseat, and prison, to a tourist and cultural centre. In addition to the historical significance enjoyed by all visitors, the Ljubljana Castle is also becoming an important cultural center for Ljubljana. It is a popular venue for exhibitions, theatre plays, and concerts.

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Postjona Cave

Date: Thursday, May 10
Meeting point: Faculty of Economics, 17.15
Buses will leave from in front of the conference venue at 17.30.

About the Cave:
Postojna Cave, now in its second century of attracting throngs of admirers from around the world, was a challenge for the bold explorers who, with patience and perseverance, penetrated the deep workings of the underworld. Thanks to the far-sighted managers of the cave, the newly discovered sections were quickly made accessible to the public.
Visitors are guided through the cave’s passages and chambers, learning facts about the cave’s formation and observing fantastic shapes and forms including: stalactites (mineral deposits hanging from the ceiling), stalagmites (mineral deposits built up on the floor), pillars (conjoined stalactites and stalagmites), and folds of calcite curtains.

The desire for knowledge has also prompted experts in karsts phenomena and life in the karsts to research the special geological features of the cave, the formation and development of speleothems (the generic term for calcite formations in caves), and the living creatures that are found in caves – both those that have strayed underground by chance and those that have adapted to life in eternal darkness.
Not only is Postojna Cave known worldwide for its various phenomena, it is also well known for its amazing acoustics. Prepare to discover the secrets of the underworld and enjoy the many surprises awaiting your visit.


Gala dinner

Date: Friday, May 11, 19.00
Place: Cankarjev dom

About the Cankarjev dom:
Cankarjev dom believes that cultural, artistic and scientific creativity meets the basic condition for attaining spiritual freedom and richer spiritual lives of people and social development.
Our cultural and congress centre presents, produces, co-produces, organises and provides cultural and artistic, congress and other events, state ceremonies, exhibitions and festivals. Since CD is mostly a cultural centre, over two thirds of the available halls are annually reserved for culture and the arts.

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